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December 07, 2010  |  Canadian Printer  |  Comments

If you’ve been associated with the Canadian printing industry for the past few years, there’s a good chance you’ve already viewed the clever videos from Montreal’s Pazazz Printing proclaiming its preponderance of love for print.

Warren Werbitt’s two starring appearances in Printing’s Alive and the sequel Printing’s Alive 2, demonstrate his obvious passion for print.

Now, over on the west coast, Hemlock Printers of Vancouver has released a new video introducing us to the hPad. This slick production, running one minute and 20 seconds, mocks Apple iPad commercials and re-introduces us to the original information technology – print.

Kudos to the team at Hemlock for doing a great job promoting the enduring value of print in an entertaining fashion.

Milling About
Also, if you never thought you could get excited about the manufacturing of printing ink, then you’ve got to see this video from The Printing Ink Co. (Rycoline) in Toronto.

Shot documentary style and set to a soothing musical score, The Printing Ink Company’s president and head ink maker Peter Welfare shares his passion for printing ink.

If you’ve never seen ink being made, and really don’t know how it’s done, take a few minutes to view this passionate, educational and earnest presentation. 

Welfare walks viewers through the ink manufacturing process, sharing some of the challenges in high-quality ink production.

The majestic background music and colourful flowing video combine to remove the image of industrial grind you might associate with ink making and instead lends an artistic nature to the process. The vibrant colours of the inks steal the show (be sure to watch in 1080 HD).

For Welfare, a man who loves his craft, ink making is a never-ending search for the ideal formulation featuring the best in gloss, runnability, setting speed and rub resistance.

The Printing Ink Co. video was produced by Toronto-based Vepo Studios.

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