Solisco Adding Web Offset Capacity

July 19, 2011  |  Canadian Printer Staff  |  Comments

Magazine and book printing specialists, Solisco Printing based in Scott, Quebec, has ordered a 75-inch-wide Goss Sunday 3000 web offset printing press, only the second press of this size in North America (the other is at a Brown Printing facility in Minnesota).

The new Solisco press will be the first of its kind to include Goss’s DigiRail digital inking technology, as well as a Goss Ecoset dryer and dual folders.

“The precision of DigiRail inking improves presetting, cuts start-up time and waste, and makes it easier to sustain ink density and colour quality through the run,” notes Alain Jacques, co-owner of Solisco, in a release announcing the order. “The technology is highly proven in newspaper and insert applications, and it represents an important new breakthrough for the North American commercial printing market.”

The new high-speed press will be capable of producing over three million magazine-size pages per hour, and its inline former and combination folders will allow the production of multiple formats and page counts off the end of the press, including finished magazines up to nine inches wide.

Jacques indicates that lower waste, faster job changes and the opportunity to triple productivity with the same crew size made it easy to justify replacing less efficient capacity with the new system.

The new press will be installed at Solisco’s plant in Scott later this year.

Solisco Printers, founded in 1991, has achieved annual sales of over $90 million making it one of the largest independent printers in the Canada, providing publication, commercial and book printing services for customers in Canada and the U.S.

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