Maggie Fox joins SAP

September 18, 2013  |  Russ Martin  |  Comments

Maggie Fox is headed to SAP as the software company’s new senior vice-president of marketing.

The appointment follows a long-standing relationship between SAP and Fox, whose former agency, Social Media Group, first started working with SAP in 2007 and helped the analytics giant develop its social media and digital content strategies. After crafting SAP’s first-ever social media strategy, the agency went on to work with almost all facets of the business, including global communications, global and regional marketing and corporate and social responsibility.

Fox officially joined the company Monday following two months of discussions. This spring Fox began the long process of winding down operations at the agency she founded in 2006 and was operating as a consultant under the Social Media Group banner until the SAP appointment. As her consulting projects came to an end earlier this month, Social Media Group will now cease to exist as an agency or a banner for consulting work.

Throughout her seven years as head of her own agency, Fox said she became more interested in broader business and marketing issues than social media as a silo, which in part led her to take the position at SAP.

“This organization, having worked with them for quite a while, has a very strong focus the business value of marketing,” Fox said, noting that there is an opportunity for marketers to lead businesses using data – a philosophy she said is shared by the senior team at SAP.

“It’s a much broader canvas and an opportunity to learn from people who are incredibly skilled, to develop professionally and contribute significantly to a business I’ve really enjoyed working with over the years,” she said.

Popular on the conference circuit, Fox said she plans to continue giving talks, though she will now be speaking from the perspective of a SAP executive.

Fox will primarily work out of SAP’s Toronto offices, though she will also have space in Palo Alto and joked that, because of the global nature of the role, her true office will be Air Canada seat 12A.

She will report directly to Jonathan Becher, chief marketing and communications officer. In a release, Becher said, “Maggie will drive the next digital chapter at SAP, unifying our web properties with our community presence through a social-first approach.

“Maggie’s diverse experience advising companies from multiple industries, coupled with her close understanding of SAP, make her the ideal new leader for this team.”

Prior to opening Social Media Group, Maggie was president of New Sun Creative and worked a producer at Global TV and CHUM.

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