Study reveals insights on Canadians’ shopping habits

BrandSpark study shows what Canadians look for in consumer packaged goods

Canadians are keen to try new products, seek out deals and — as much as they are getting more tech savvy by using smartphones during their shopping trips — still prefer print grocery store flyers.

These are some of the findings released Tuesday in the annual “BrandSpark Canadian Shopper Study.” This marks the twelfth year the study, which provides insights on Canadians’ shopping habits and what they look for in everyday CPG products. The 2015 study surveyed more than 65,000 Canadians.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the consumer trends found in the 2015 study:

They want value for their money
– 87% of Canadians will stock up when their favourite products are on sale
– 57% shop at more than one store to get the best deal on different items

They like to experiment with new products
– 78% like trying new products
– 85% of millennials like to try new products; 69% of seniors do

Trust is key
– 55% say their trust in a brand rises greatly when an item gives detailed product information
– 62% say responding quickly to serious product issues greatly increases their trust in brands
– 64% say backing charitable causes would increase their trust in a brand

Health is a huge issue
– 77% say they’re concerned about their personal health (4% increase from a year ago)
– 67% say they are knowledgeable about health and nutrition issues (6% decrease from a year ago)
– 72% say healthier foods generally cost more
– 49% say there aren’t enough convenient healthy options

Tech is starting to further make its way into Canadians’ shopping experiences…
– Of the more than half of Canadians that “often use” their smartphone while shopping in-store, 45% of them compare promotions using digital flyers
– 20% of shoppers switched a purchase decision due to information they found on their smartphone while in-store
– Canadians use smartphones during 13% of household shopping trips
– 62% of Canadians check digital flyers regularly (5% increase from a year ago)

… but Canadians are still rooted firmly in “old fashioned” shopping habits
– 91% check print grocery store flyers every week or month
– 76% check print drugstore flyers every week or month
– 74% of Canadians still prefer the print format (as opposed to digital) when it comes to flyers
– 84% of Canadians say they continue to use written shopping lists

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