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    AD-Tech Canada

    March 29th, 2016 | 8:30am-12:30pm
    Bram and Bluma Appel Salon, Toronto


Back in 2008 – long before smartphones, wearables or the Internet of Things – Forrester Research described the coming of "ubiquitous marketing, where advertising messages follow consumers wherever they go:

The power to reach consumers everywhere comes with responsibility: to be meaningful everywhere. Marketers can overcome consumer wariness with Ubiquitous Marketing, which offers a reciprocal, successive, contextual dialogue.

In 2016, Forrester’s prediction will finally be realized in a world of smartwatches, embedded sensors and connected, self-driving cars. How do brands develop the strategy and capabilities necessary to not only compete in a world of ubiquitous marketing, but to grow closer relationships with their customers?

Marketing's new AdTech Canada conference will seek to answer this question, not only through the lens of the Internet of Things, but digital advertising as a whole. Programmatic advertising has brought automation to formerly manual and error-prone processes. But, as advertisers get better at finding the right consumer at the right time on the right device, they also face an increasing propensity towards ad blocking. How will brands navigate this changing and competitive landscape?

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The Ad Tech Story That Hasn't Fully Been Told

By Shane Schick

When we hosted AdTech Canada at the end of March, we deliberately looked more broadly at the how technology is changing the advertising experience than ever before. Besides programmatic tools, for example, we explored ad-blocking, the Internet of Things and the role of neuroscience in understanding consumer behaviour.

We took this approach because this is an area that's only becoming more omnipresent and complex. While there have been a few consumer electronic brands that have achieved household name status over the years, for instance, Russ's coverage of the top brands in Canada from Ipsos was revealing in how strong consumer affinity has become with Google, Apple and Microsoft.

On the client side, more traditional consumer products companies are refashioning themselves as tech players. This includes big banks like RBC, which spoke with us about how it's putting more investment in mobile options for digital payments. RBC clearly won't be alone, since Deloitte told us that touch-screen devices will be the key form factor for much of e-commerce in Canada this year.

Even when a story shouldn't really be about technology, it seems to hover over the discussion. When I decided to write about the longstanding lack of alignment between marketing and sales departments, for example, I began to realize that a lot of the disconnect comes from the way technology is changing how both sides work, how they measure themselves and the expectations it's setting.

If, as experts claim, every company is a technology company, you could argue every story we do from here on in is a technology story. Even though I've been covering IT all my adult life, I think that may actually be going too far. In fact, I think the real issue that will loom large in the next few years is not how deeply technology will be integrated into advertising and marketing, but the role humans play in creating a message, communicating it and analyzing the results.

I think the discussions we had at AdTech Canada are just the beginning of this conversation, and I look forward to continuing it with everyone who attended, as well as those who couldn't make it this time. Thanks to all our speakers, sponsors and editorial staff for helping make this happen.


If you missed AdTech Canada 2016 or attended and want to share the insights with your colleagues, use this selection of the stories we published leading up to and immediately following the conference.

True Impact's Diana Lucaci on the biology of brand engagement.

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Private exchanges fare well thanks to a small, friendly market

Conference Videos

Lisa Thomas, Sr. Manager Product Enablement IOT, Rogers Enterprise Business Unit

Lisa Thomas is the Sr. Manager Product Enablement IOT within Rogers Enterprise Business Unit. Lisa manages a team whose primary responsibility is building and developing market relationships with M2M companies, System Integrators and Master Service Contractors that support the delivery of Rogers' extensive product suite of M2M solutions.

Prior to joining the Rogers M2M / IoT team, Lisa held a series of sales and marketing positions within SAP, Digital Payment Technologies and Maritime Tel & Tel. She holds a Masters and Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from Dalhousie University.


Ben Williams, Communications and Operations Manager, Eyeo

Ben grew up in the small town of Morehead, Kentucky. Before starting at Cologne-based Eyeo GmbH in July of 2013, he worked at the German Embassy in Washington, DC. Prior to that he worked mainly for non-profit organizations.

Eyeo makes the world's most popular browser extension, Adblock Plus, which has been downloaded over 500 million times, and in late 2011 began its Acceptable Ads initiative to try and broker a compromise in the often contentious relationship between marketers and ad blockers. He has been instrumental in spreading that message to a larger audience since he began in 2013.

Other than that, he collects records and cassettes, writes, reads and claims to occasionally exercise. Ben is 35 and lives in Bonn, Germany.


Mladen Raickovic, Strategic Partner Lead, Google

Mladen Raickovic is a successful entrepreneur and leader in the online advertising space in Canada. Mladen recently joined Google as Strategic Partner Lead, where he is leading publisher partnerships.

Mladen co-founded Performer Media in 2004, a Canadian direct-response advertising network that was acquired by Torstar and subsequently launched as part of Olive Media in 2006. He held several key roles at Olive Media, but most recently served as as General Manager of Programmatic Media where he was responsible for managing their programmatic and performance marketing divisions, all technology infrastructure, product and commercialization.

In 2013 Mladen became General Manager of AdParlor, a leading global social advertising technology company and one of Facebook’s top 10 global marketing partners. At AdParlor Mladen was responsible for managing over 100 people globally (including sales, operations, engineering and finance) and led the overall strategy for the business.

In addition to his professional work experience, Mladen has also been heavily involved within the Canadian industry through various organizations including launching IAB Canada’s Networks and Exchanges committee in 2011 (eventually becoming the Programmatic Trading Committee) and recently serving as President of The Advertising Club of Toronto (AdClub). He has also been a featured speaker at various digital advertising conferences.


Joseph Leon, President, Media, Vision7 International

Joseph Leon is President, Media, at Vision7 International. He is an experienced agency executive with more than 15 years of media and digital corporate stewardship. Leading and transforming international organizations to drive exceptional business results, Joseph has performed as both business and digital lead in sizeable public and private companies in North America and the UK. At Vision7 International, Joseph was most recently Chief Digital Officer, Media, where he was responsible for the development of the organization's digital, data and technology capabilities, working with leading clients such as TELUS, General Mills and Capital One.

Prior to Vision7, he spent seven years as founding member and EMEA managing director at Essence, an international digital marketing agency, where his client responsibilities included brands such as Google, Expedia and eBay. Joseph is recognized for his pioneering media thinking and his ability to evolve and grow marketing organizations in tandem with the changing media landscape. With an emphasis on strategy, programmatic media and data, his digital expertise earned him the accolade of "Digital Pioneer" by Campaign magazine and AOL. Joseph is an active board member of the IAB.


John Erhart, Director of Sales, ONE by AOL - Canada

As Director of Sales for AOL Canada’s programmatic business, ONE by AOL, John Erhart oversees all strategy and client solutions for a portfolio of brands such as ONE by AOL, AOP, Advertising.com and Convertro. John’s expertise in the RTB and programmatic landscape is vast and diverse as the ONE by AOL suite offers media planning, audience management, creative optimization, analytics and attribution, as well as display, video and TV DSPs. Prior to his responsibilities in Canada, Erhart worked as the network lead for all of AOL’s middle market programmatic business in the U.S. John has 10 years of experience in sales and marketing across many business vectors, including media, healthcare and finance, and he holds a MBA from Babson College as well as a BA from Colgate University.


Nic Lopez, Head of Emerging Products and Innovation Marketing, Visa Canada

Nic Lopez is the Head of Emerging Products and Innovation Marketing at Visa Canada. Since joining Visa in 2012, Nic has overseen digital and social media strategies and spearheaded the development of successful marketing programs for products such as Visa Debit, Visa Checkout and now mobile payments.

Prior to Visa Canada, Nic worked at Cara Operations, where he led the marketing teams of two of Canada’s most iconic restaurant brands: Swiss Chalet and Harvey’s. Before joining Cara Operations, he spent 10 years at Procter & Gamble, working across multiple categories and geographies.

Nic studied Industrial Engineering at Universidad de Los Andes in Colombia.


Dr. Johnny Ryan, Head of Ecosystem, PageFair

Dr. Johnny Ryan is Head of Ecosystem for PageFair. Previously, he was the Chief Innovation Officer of The Irish Times, where he introduced startups to work inside the 154-year-old newspaper for the first time, and established a multi-million Euro big data R&D program.

Dr. Ryan’s second book, A History of the Internet and the Digital Future, is on the reading list at Harvard, Stanford, and other top-tier institutions, and he was an associate on the emerging digital environment at the Judge Business School of the University of Cambridge from 2011 to 2014.

His writing has appeared in Fortune, Business Insider, BusinessWeek, NATO Review, Ars Technica and The Irish Times. He is @johnnyryan on Twitter.


John Rogers, SVP Media Partnerships, Videology

As SVP of Media Partnerships, John leads Videology's media solutions team, responsible for the company's commercial media relationships with key digital and broadcast partners. John supports Videology in formulating ongoing strategies around cross-screen reach, media competitiveness, format diversity and private media management.

Rogers first joined Videology-then TidalTV-in 2008 as Vice President of Partner Development, where he led content acquisition efforts for TidalTV.com.

Prior to his time with Videology, Rogers worked as VP in Publisher Services at Advertising.com for almost five years, overseeing growth publisher development for the U.S.

Rogers has also held senior positions at Ninth House, USinternetworking (acquired by AT&T), and MCI Telecommunications. He graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a B.A. in Business and Psychology.


Diana Lucaci, Founder and CEO, True Impact

Diana Lucaci is the Founder and CEO of True Impact and Canadian Chair of the Neuromarketing Science and Business Association (NMSBA). She was named to Marketing magazine's 30 Under 30 list in 2013, and is a winner of the Best in Class research award from the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association (MRIA). True Impact’s mission is to humanize marketing with brain science. The company's client list includes Canada Post, Colgate-Palmolive, Yahoo Canada, DDB Group, Plastic Mobile and many more. Lucaci holds a degree in neuroscience and psychology from the University of Toronto.


Brad Jeffrey, Senior Director, Strategic Partnerships - Canada, Index Exchange

Brad started his career in advertising technology in 2010 with Index Exchange (previously Casale Media) where he has played a key role in the growth of the company’s publisher base. He was also heavily involved in bringing Index Exchange’s programmatic offering to market in both the United States and Canada, where he worked closely with publishers to create and implement their go-to-market strategies.

He has a breadth of experience deploying various programmatic strategies from open market to dealID enabled private and programmatic guaranteed deals across display, video and mobile on behalf of the most progressive sellers in the market and in coordination with the largest programmatic buyers in North America.

Most recently, Brad has shifted his focus to oversee Index Exchange’s Canadian business exclusively, which has allowed him to specialize in the programmatic marketplace here at home. Brad has been a central figure in the Canadian Premium Audience Exchange (CPAX) where he has worked closely with many of the largest publishers and buyers in Canada. This experience has given Brad a unique perspective on both sides of the programmatic ecosystem in this country.


Devon Wright, CEO & Co-Founder, Turnstyle Solutions

Devon Wright is the co-founder and CEO of Turnstyle, one of the world’s first sensor-based proximity marketing platforms. Founded in 2012, Turnstyle has grown to power proximity marketing at 25,000+ locations for some of the largest brands in retail and hospitality.

Prior to founding Turnstyle, Devon was a Senior Treasury analyst at TD Bank. He studied business and philosophy at the University of Western Ontario, and graduated with distinction from the Richard Ivey School of Business in 2009.

Devon is the lead singer/songwriter for the Toronto indie-band, Natural Animal. He lives in Toronto with his cat Darla who he loves very much.


Dana Toering, Managing Director - Canada, TubeMogul

A digital media and technology veteran, Dana Toering brings over 15 years of sales and business development experience to TubeMogul. As Managing Director, Dana is responsible for overseeing revenue and employee growth, ensuring operational efficiency, managing partner relationships and leading business strategy across Canada. Toering was most recently Chief Revenue Officer for Addictive Mobility. Prior to that, he was head of Partner Revenue and Development at AOL Canada, where he led publisher and partner technology sales and drove next generation platform partnerships. He has also worked in sales and business development roles at DoubleClick, Yahoo! and Canwest.


Breakfast will be available to attendees before presentations begin.

What does behavioural science tell us about user experience and consumer interaction with advertising? Does psychology have the answer to creating better ads that people will actually want to interact with?


  • Diana Lucaci – Founder and CEO, True Impact

Smart thermostats were just the beginning: research analysts estimate that 50 billion devices will be connected to the Internet within the next five years. This includes not only traditional smartphones and emerging devices like wearables, but also everyday objects such as doors, rooms and cars. The Internet of Things (IoT) will make information ubiquitous, which also means brands have an opportunity to present their messages in entirely new ways. The challenge, however, will be ensuring the right ad reaches the right customer, at the right time on the right device. This session will provide an inside look at how and where brands will play in the IoT, the new pressure for contextualization and relevancy, data-driven decision-making and more.


  • Devon Wright – Co-Founder & CEO, Turnstyle Solutions
  • Nic Lopez – Head of Emerging Products and Innovation Marketing, Visa Canada
  • Lisa Thomas - Sr. Manager Product Enablement IoT, Rogers Enterprise Business Unit

Refreshments will be provided

When Apple launched its latest iPhones and iPads, it also introduced a version of its iOS operating system that supported technology to block mobile ads. Within days, ad-blocking apps rocketed to the top of the App Store charts and the marketing industry became polarized over the long-term implications. The rise of ad blocking is not limited to Apple products and attention toward the issue has grown exponentially in recent months due to the release of the 2015 PageFair-Adobe Adblocking Report. Already, some estimates suggest nearly 200 million people run ad blockers around the world on desktop browsers. IAB Canada says ad blocking has already accounted for a 30% decline in Canadian web traffic.

In this session, Marketing will bring together experts who will make the case for and against ad-blocking technology while exploring the following key questions:

  • How will ad blocking change the way brands and their partners consider the user experience design of digital experiences across multiple screens and devices?
  • How has marketing automation, ad retargeting and programmatic advertising contributed to the public interest in blocking ads that seem to follow them everywhere?
  • What role will industry standards, native ad experiences and other technologies play in circumventing ad blocking or offering alternative ways to reach customers?


  • Dana Toering – Managing Director - Canada, TubeMogul
  • Dr. Johnny Ryan – Head of Ecosystem, PageFair
  • Joseph Leon - President, Media, Vision7 International
  • Appearing Live Via Video Conference: Ben Williams - Communications and Operations Manager, Eyeo, parent company of Adblock Plus

Refreshments will be provided

What started as a method where ad impressions were bought via machines inexpensively at large scale is transforming quickly into a discussion on quality, trust and new opportunities for marketers. How has the programmatic ad industry responded to early criticisms, and where might some of the future growth areas emerge?

John Erhart, Director of Sales, ONE by AOL - Canada, will reflect on early lessons learned from programmatic buying and look ahead to the possibility of "programmatic first" approaches to ad buying, programmatic creative and more.

They’ve been called the VIP clubs of the programmatic world: invite-only exchanges that ensure publishers maintain more control by whitelisting specific advertisers and setting relatively high price floors. For advertisers, it means appearing only on the sites they want. For publishers, it means closer relationships with customers. In this panel discussion, Marketing will convene early pioneers in the private marketplace arena who will offer a sense of where the sector will evolve over the course of the next year. This includes:

  • How can private marketplaces get closer to offering a guarantee of fill, run rate, or reach?
  • What are the tipping points that will drive the market from RTB programmatic to private marketplaces (and potentially back again)?
  • How can private marketplaces reduce restrictions and limitations to increase bid volume while continuing to offer a premium programmatic experience?


  • Brad Jeffrey – Senior Director, Strategic Partnerships – Canada, Index Exchange
  • John Rogers – SVP Media Partnerships, Videology
  • Mladen Raickovic – Strategic Partner Lead, Google


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