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Chatter: RIM rebrands as BlackBerry
Tech followers can let out that expectant breath they’ve long been holding in: the new BlackBerry 10 was launched Wednesday morning and, for anyone who’s been hiding under a rock with no internet access, a major element of the announcement was tethered to the company’s rebrand.

BlackBerry reveals long-awaited new phones
Hotly anticipated product hits the streets next week

Response to RIM’s marketing priorities
Not a whole lot is known about what Research In Motion‘s full BlackBerry 10 campaign will look like (though we’re just hours away from the product’s launch).

What strength lies in BlackBerry’s business fanbase?
They call them the BlackBerry loyals: longtime smartphone users who have clung to their aging Curve and Bold models through the most turbulent days of the company.

BlackBerry10′s window of app-ortunity
BlackBerry 10 has a lot of positive buzz behind it going into tomorrow’s official unveiling, but will app developers get on board with Research In Motion‘s new mobile platform entering a market already dominated by two staunch competitors.

Chatter: The BlackBerry 10 countdown begins
Research In Motion is just hours away from the launch of BlackBerry 10, its latest mobile platform that it hopes will put it back in fighting form among smartphone competitors.

RIM to advertise BlackBerry10 during Super Bowl
BlackBerry-maker Research in Motion has announced its first Super Bowl ad.

RIM move heats up competition in corporate smartphone market
Smartphone owners who want to use their personal phones at work can now pick whether it’s a BlackBerry, iPhone or Android device.

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