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    Digital Religion

    October 19, 2015 | 8 AM to 4 PM
    The Sheraton Centre
    123 Queen Street W., Toronto


"Digital Prophet," "Tech Evangelist" and "Chief Belief Officer." These are all real job titles in the digital age. Thought leaders in the digital space are increasingly bringing a spiritualist edge to their work, spreading the gospel of technological progress to every global industry.

Marketing is no exception, and digital marketing is no longer a separate entity in advertising. It's now the leading platform through which we conduct business, and is central to how we live our lives.

As the newly redesigned “Digital Day” (the Canadian Marketing Association and Marketing's annual conference), Digital Religion's exciting lineup of speakers and case studies will explore the ways in which our daily lives have gone digital, and how this phenomenon can be leveraged by brands to reach consumers.

Main Event


Stephen Martell

VP, Creative Technology Current Studios

Natasha Walji

Head of Industry, Google Canada

Richard Kanee

Head of Digital, CBC English Services

Daniel Habashi

Director of Brand Development, Instagram

Marco Muzzi

Marketing Director, Linkett

Sara Lynn Cauchon

YouTuber, "The Domestic Geek"

Steve Levy

Chief Operating Officer, Ipsos Reid

Derek Westerlund

Director and Founder, Freeride Entertainment

Sasha Strauss

Managing Director, Innovation Protocol and Professor, UCLA and USC

Shawn Chance

VP of Marketing and Business Development at Nymi

Scott Ferber

Chairman & CEO, Videology

Devon Wright

Co-Founder, Turnstyle Solutions

John Coombs

CEO and Co-Founder, Rover

Drew Cashmore

Sr. Director, Digital Marketing, Walmart Canada

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Steve Levy Chief Operating Officer, Ipsos Reid

Steve Levy is a frequent public speaker at both conferences and client events, and talks on a number of topical issues including: the Future of Marketing, the changing digital landscape, marketing in a recession, and the move from the big screen to the small screen.

While starting his career in sales (at Xerox) and then brand management (at Mars foods), Steve has been involved in the marketing research and information business in the UK, South East Asia and, since 1985, in Canada.

As Chief Operating Officer of Ipsos Reid East, Steve directs the company's Marketing, Loyalty, and Media CT research business which involves a number of specific responsibilities including managing a staff of almost 100 marketers and researchers, local product development, innovation, and R&D. He also oversees the publication and release of white papers and publications in the marketing and loyalty space, as well as a number of significant research programs.

In addition to his management role, Steve continues to act as team leader for a number of accounts mostly in the technology sector. He has been a member on the Ipsos International Loyalty Board since its inception in 2002 and is also active in the broader industry. He was the 2010 conference chair for the Marketing Research & Intelligence Association's (MRIA) annual conference and is a Canadian Marketing Association (CMA) Board and Executive Committee member.


Welcome! Registration is from 8:00am to 8:30am

Nobody cares if you're a .com, .org, or .net. All they see is an organization of people with common objectives, and a leader. Examine any institution you admire, and quickly the leader becomes the most significant ingredient. That leader, you, must consider that human communication has fundamentally changed. If the Gutenberg press, the telegraph, and the phone each restitched the fabric of society, then the Internet did too. And its most significant disruption is in how humans now communicate. Success in any realm will depend on thought-provoking brands and their well-defined leaders, built for this new time in the history of communication. This follow-up talk by Prof. Sasha Strauss builds on last year's "Branding in the New Normal" with entirely new subject matter (and doodles) on how brand leaders lead in this "now normal."


What do Canada’s top marketers and agencies think about digital media? What are they doing? What will they be doing? What context do they operate under? Celebrate the tenth annual Digital Marketing Pulse, the only survey of its kind that considers trends as seen by digital media practitioners. Steve Levy, Chief Operating Officer of Ipsos Reid, returns to present the results of this year’s study.

With a community of over 400 million, Instagram is one of the most popular and growing social media platforms. The company made waves this year when it announced the introduction of its in-app advertising platform, which gives brands the chance to communicate visual moments in a creative, high-quality environment. Join Daniel Habashi, Instagram's director of brand development in North America, for an inside look at this year's most intriguing new social media marketing story. Habashi will immerse attendees in the unique world of Instagram, providing the essential building blocks for brands and businesses to thrive.

Networking Break

Virtual reality is finally making the transition from science fiction to consumable product, with many companies launching virtual and augmented reality products and apps in 2015. Halifax-based Current Studios has created amazing visual content for VR and AR platforms in campaigns promoting box office hits like The Avengers and Man of Steel, and for big brands such as Intel, The Home Depot, the NBA, Lego and Mazda. Current Studios VP Stephen Martell will give attendees an eye-popping look at the technology itself, and discuss the possibilities available to marketers in using virtual and augmented reality technology in promoting their products.

  • Sara Lynn Cauchon inspires people to eat well and live better. Since launching her YouTube channel, The Domestic Geek, in April 2014 she has earned more than 500,000 dedicated subscribers who are inspired by her fresh, fuss-free approach to healthy cooking. In that time she's shared more than 300 original, mouth-watering recipes as well as countless tips and tricks for making life at home easier.
  • In addition to her success with viewers, she has also become a great brand partner to Silk, Starbucks and Johnson & Johnson, producing custom content that works for both her collaborators and her subscriber base. Sara Lynn will be joined onstage by Marketing senior staff writer Russ Martin to discuss all things sponsorship, from picking the right partner to the need for transparency when creating branded content on YouTube.

Mobile is the obvious place marketers must go to reach the consumer when and where it matters most - but who will get us there? A growing number of proximity technologies are competing to be the answer - but does there have to be a winner in the mobile marketing race?

Devon Wright, CEO of Turnstyle Solutions and John Coombs, CEO of Rover will each explain two of the most promising proximity marketing technologies in the market - WiFi and Bluetooth. Together, they will explore the pros and cons of each, and they will expand on their vision for an ecosystem where the winners of the mobile marketing race won't be one technology or the other, but rather tech-savvy marketers that know how to use each approach to reach the largest audience at the right time and place.

Mobile means people can act on their intent immediately – in any context. The behaviour affects the entire purchase journey, as people take an active role through many short bursts of interaction – from inspirational to transactional, and everything in-between. The nature (and the number!) of these digital moments mean marketers can engage people when it really matters. Natasha Walji, Head of Consumer Packaged Goods Industry, shares consumer insights about the "micro-moments" shaping today's consumer journey and success stories of brands who have capitalized on this new behaviour.


Uncovering metrics that matter most to advertisers in a converging world of screens

Scott Ferber, digital pioneer and Chairman & CEO of Videology, has spent his career building technology to help brands drive results. So too with Videology - a software built to help brand-centric advertisers plan, execute and measure across video and TV to achieve their marketing objectives and real results. But is the data and measurement available for digital video advertising up to the challenge? Scott will discuss what's happening today and what’s on the horizon for digital video measurement in Canada. He will be joined by Drew Cashmore, who leads Walmart Canada’s digital and shopper marketing initiative, to discuss what further innovations advertisers need to better utilize video in their marketing efforts.


Richard Kanee, CBC English Services shares the company's strategy for deeply engaging Canadians across an increasingly complex media landscape. Find out the thinking and tactics behind CBC's ambitious 5-year plan to become a digital first media company.

Networking Break

  • Your shoppers are evolving, but is your shopper marketing? According to Linkett, 86% of shoppers have a mobile device in-store, yet only 4% of advertisers implement campaigns that capitalize on this trend. Right now you can connect offline and online advertising to create immersive shopper experiences and increase sales.
  • Douglas Lusted, Founder and CEO of LINKETT, will explain how retail has become the foundation for data-driven shopper marketing and how smart marketers are leveraging this to execute true omni-channel campaigns. You’ll leave with actionable insights and strategies that will help you take your marketing to the next level.


Identity is at the core of every transaction. Long ago, a simple signature was deemed sufficient to identify someone, but in today's evolving digital landscape, identity has become a much more complex subject. As the world around us becomes increasingly connected, how will the way we identity ourselves to devices, services and brands evolve? Toronto's Nymi, a wearable technology company, aims to solve these types of identity and access problems, using persistent, biometric authentication in a device called the Nymi Band. Join Shawn Chance, VP of Marketing and Business Development at Nymi as he explores the concept of Identity in the Internet of Things (IoT).


The size of Freeride Entertainment, a boutique production house headquartered in the small town of Nelson, B.C., is deceiving. With just over a dozen staff members, the company is a key member of Red Bull’s marketing team. They follow the energy drink maker's extreme sports athletes around the world with a suite of cinematic-quality film equipment, all to create mind-blowing branded content to share online. In recent years the team has also captured incredible stunts on film for the likes of Nissan, Under Armour, Skullcandy and Degree antiperspirant, grabbing the attention of millions of online viewers. Founder Derek Westerlund will be at Digital Religion to expand on the Freeride mantra: Experiences lead digital, and digital leads all.

Closing Remarks


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