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At Marketing we believe that our award-winning, redesigned magazine is the definitive source of marketing and advertising news and intelligence for Canada's agencies, media, marketers and PR professionals. To accompany the magazine, we deliver our content across multiple platforms as a way to help you get exclusive news and insight in different formats depending on your needs. Simply choose the format that suits you best to get the latest marketing intelligence in the most convenient way.

  Marketing Magazine

Are you ready to experience the best of marketing in Canada? Get access to marketing strategies, Canadian advertising, agency and media news like never before?

Then take this opportunity to add your name to get Marketing! Join the insiders, the agencies, the marketers and the media powerhouses, who get 18 issues for only $67 per year.

A premium subscription to Marketing also includes access to the iPad APP and Marketing Zinio Digital Editions.

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    Marketing Daily (AM and PM)

The latest news when it matters most. That's what the Marketing Daily brings to your desktop or mobile device.

We take the day's news, put it in perspective and deliver it straight to you in a clear and concise, colourful, entertaining and enlightening package.

The Daily is available as part of a subscription to the magazine or you can request free delivery.

Note: Our free delivery is limited to qualified recipients and the publisher has the right to restrict or cease distribution at any time.


Unique content. In-depth articles. The latest events. Marketing resources. Marketing jobs. MarketingMag.ca is created for the complex, chaotic, connected marketing universe you actually work in.

We gather and distill the issues and ideas, people and events making news now and make it available online through the website and on your mobile phone.

We help you understand what's truly effective and where true ROI lives. MarketingMag.ca gives an instant strategic advantage.

  Marketing Digital Newsstand

Powered by Zinio, the Magazines Canada digital newsstand brings you an archive of more than two years of Marketing magazine in a convenient and feature-packed digital format.

Instantly download a past issue or the latest copy to your PC, Mac, Android Tablet or iPad.

Special features include a comprehensive search function, the ability to print and share articles, live links and so much more.

    MARKETING QC   l'infolettre

Des nouvelles sur les sujets qui vous intéressent : voilà ce que vous propose chaque semaine notre infolettre.

Une source d'information indispensable pour les professionnels en communication, marketing, publicité, médias et 2.0, qui s'intéressent à l'actualité de leur domaine au Québec et dans reste du Canada.

Notre infolettre est envoyée les mardis et les jeudis en milieu d'après-midi. Qu'attendez-vous pour vous abonner? C'est gratuit.

    MarketingQC.ca, le site

Notre site web est maintenant hébergé chez nos collègues de Marketing.

Cela signifie qu'il est plus aéré, agréable à consulter et que nos articles sont désormais archivés dans des sections thématiques.

Inscrivez-le à vos favoris!

  Marketing Events

Marketing is proud to bring outstanding industry professionals together with their peers, prospects and potential partners through a series of prestigious award events as well as an extensive list of educational conferences.

Our award shows honour and celebrate the best work from marketing, advertising creative, interactive media, media planning and buying organizations.

Check out our 2012 lineup, and be sure to return frequently for the latest updates


CARDonline provides all the vital, time-sensitive media rates and data you need to invest your advertising dollars wisely.

Find thousands of in-depth media listings including key contacts and specs, advertising agencies, Canadian media reps and their account lists, information on discounts, promotions, value-added packages, bonus circulation, contracts and more. Features include…

» Enhanced search capabilities
» vCards you can add directly into your address book
» Create spreadsheet reports that you can store or print
» Instant calculations for magazine CPMs

All readily accessible through easy and intuitive navigation!
    NLA Online

Over 4900 listings of Canadian Advertisers - updated every year - at your disposal.

Search advertisers by the type of media they use. By business. By estimated annual sales. By advertising budget.

So no matter whether you're selling advertising in Catalogues, Newspapers, Magazines, Outdoor Media, POP, Radio, Television, Shows, Transit or Yellow pages.

Or whether opportunities with your company include Co-op Advertising, Direct Marketing, Films/Videos, Online Advertising, Spectator Events, Sponsorships or Premiums…the NLA Online database, is your one-stop source for selling success.