H&R Block hires new agencies for digital business

September 14, 2011  |  Eve Lazarus  |  Comments

H&R Block has awarded its digital marketing to Toronto agency Stone Canoe from a shortlist of four agencies, with online planning and media buying going to Media Contacts of Toronto.

Due North Communications currently handles the company’s retail advertising. This marks the first time that H&R Block Canada has looked for an external digital marketing agency.

“Stone Canoe will support our range of digital products and the online part of our retail business,” said Kevin Mobley, director of marketing for H&R Block International. “The online part of our marketing budget continues to be a small, but very important and very fast growing part of our marketing mix.”

Calgary-based H&R Block Canada has more than 1,100 offices across the country helping more than 2.4 million Canadians prepare their taxes each year. The company also offers a range of tax preparation software products.

While the main target tends to be “middle income Canada” between 25 and 54, Mobley said small business owners are becoming more important to the company and H&R plans to aggressively target college students through social media.

Scot Bryson, president of Stone Canoe, said his company will work on everything from online banner ads to search engine marketing and microsites.

Calador Communications is continuing to handle public relations and social media.

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