Agency Wars announces 2013 lineup

September 13, 2013  |  Jeromy Lloyd  |  Comments

Agency Wars, the industry’s annual amateur boxing event benefiting NABS and Ronald McDonald House, has announced its 2013 fight lineup.

After weeks of orientation, promotion and testing the fitness of its applicants, Agency Wars has named its 28 fighters (see below) and broken them up into red and blue teams.

Most of the selected fighters were notified last week via email that they had made the cut. A handful, however, were given a surprise visit by the event’s organizers who, with Fight Network cameras in tow, gave them the good news in person.

Now, under the watchful eyes of professional coaches and fitness trainers, the “lucky” competitors begin a grueling training regimen in the lead-up to the Nov. 27 event in Toronto.


Felicia DaSilva (Mindshare) vs. Narine Artinian (Rethink)
Alyssa Belova (Publicis) vs. Danielle Silva (Klick Inc)
Olivia Chow (Squareknot) vs. Amanda Li (Shaw Media)
Naomi Blackman (John Street) vs. Alena Hakansson (Silent Joe)
Heidi Giggie (Mindshare) vs. Keri Zierler (John Street)
Megan Lubberts (Mediacom) vs. Michelle McAdams (One Advertising)


Liam Herbinson (Kijiji) vs. Jeff Bjarnarson (Stone Canoe)
Zeb Barrett (Anomaly) vs. Peter Pham (K2 Digital)
Chris Connolly (Ideon Media) vs. Mark Neves (NABS)
Ray McIlroy (Kaiser Lachance) vs. Matthew Newelski (Klick Inc)
Sheldon Abreu (Traffic Group) vs. Kris Roberts (Dentsu Bos)
Alex Paquin (Publicis) vs. Jeremy Johnston (One Advertising)


Melanie Chiriboga-Gomez (Tribal Worldwide)
Sarah Heys (Diamond)
Franke Rodriguez (Anomaly)
Johnny Milne (Stone Canoe)

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