Agency Wars III: Belova vs. Cagara

November 20, 2012  |  Russ Martin  |  Comments

Twelve weeks, 27 fighters, 12 match-ups, one night: Agency Wars is back. The third annual boxing tournament is set to rock Arcadian Court in Toronto on Dec. 5 to help raise money for Ronald McDonald House Toronto and NABS. A crowd of brave volunteers from Canada’s marketing and media industry endured a rigorous training regimen and strict assessments from some of Canada’s top boxers. That initial group was cut down to 27 “lucky” combatants, who were broken into two teams – Red and Blue – to take part in a grueling three-month program, readying their minds and bodies for the big night.

Leading up to the event, Marketing is profiling the men and women who’ve shed blood, sweat and tears to help out two charities. What makes someone step in the ring? Read on and find out.

Alyssa Belova – Red Team

Job Title: Project Manager
Company: Teehan+Lax
Boxing nickname: Kitten Mittens

Why did you decide to take part?
It was a great opportunity to get fit, meet new people, and most importantly to challenge myself – all for a great cause.

What’s the toughest part of training been?
The training is really demanding and you have to be ready to make some big lifestyle changes. For me the toughest part has been the strict diet and remembering to take all my vitamins, proteins, fish oils, greens, et cetera.

What do you like about the training?
I’d have to say the sparring. I’m a fighter and it feels good to be in the ring.

What message do you have for your opponent?
Be afraid, be very afraid.

Ruth Cagara – Blue Team

Job Title: Creative Manager
Company: Dentsubos
Nickname: Killa Bee, but [coach] Chris likes to call me Filipino Flash

Why did you decide to take part?
I love combat sports and Agency Wars is a great opportunity to get amazing training while contributing to charity.

What’s the toughest part of training been?
Toughest part of training has been sticking to the nutrition plan, but I just got news that I need to gain 10lbs in 3 weeks so I get to eat ice cream twice a day! It’s the best of both worlds, train hard and enjoy some mint chocolate chip. I’ll have to put my dreams of sporting a 6 pack for the fight in the trash, but I need to make weight so the fight can happen.

What do you like about the training?
I love a lot of things about training, the mental game, pushing yourself to your physical limits, but I’d have to say I love sparring the most. It’s where all the hard work comes to the surface. You can run everyday and be ridiculously strong, but if you can’t make that training count in the ring, then you’re at a loss.

What message do you have for your opponent?
I hope you’re ready for the fight of the night!

Update: Unfortunately, due to an injury, Alyssa Belova will  be unable to participate in this year’s Agency Wars. An alternate fighter has yet to be named.

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