Anomaly lands Bud Light assignment

August 27, 2012  |  Chris Powell  |  Comments

Beers are on Anomaly Toronto.

The five-month-old agency has landed the creative assignment for Labatt Breweries of Canada’s Bud Light brand following what the beer company characterizes as a “thorough and comprehensive” two-month review.

The account win follows what Labatt called one of its “regular reassessments” of its agency partners. Toronto’s Grip Limited was the incumbent on the account, and was invited to pitch, said Bud Light marketing director Todd Allen.

He declined to divulge the scope of the review or the size of the shortlist.

It is the second time Anomaly has snatched beer business from Grip Limited since arriving in Canada. In June, Labatt awarded the digital, retail and below-the-line portion of its Budweiser assignment that was with Grip to Anomaly, which was already the brand’s global AOR.

Allen told Marketing that Anomaly has created “breakthrough” and “innovative” work for the Budweiser brand in Canada—he cited the Super Bowl “Flash Fans” spot as a prime example of standout work—and said Labatt is hoping to attain similar results with Bud Light.

“We’re always assessing our advertising effectiveness to make sure we’re getting the best return for our marketing investment and we’re looking for work that’s going to deliver results for the business,” said Allen. “We were extremely impressed with Anomaly’s level of strategic thinking, their planning and their creative development, as well as their connection planning.”

Anomaly’s first work for Bud Light will appear in early 2013, said Allen. The brand will work with both Grip and Anomaly on a “transition plan” that will span the next two months.

Allen said “refreshment” is a key marketing plank for the Bud Light brand, and will continue to play a significant role in future marketing efforts. “We’re very excited about the direction and the growth potential for the brand,” he said.

Launched in 2004 and now majority owned by MDC Partners (which acquired a 60% stake in the company early last year), Anomaly opened its first Canadian office in April.

Anomaly president Franke Rodriguez called Bud Light “a powerful brand and a great product” in a highly competitive category. “Add to that the fact that the Bud Light client team is unreasonably ambitious about doing market-leading, innovative, results-driven work, and you have a phenomenal opportunity that we worked really hard to earn,” said Rodriguez, who arrived from the agency’s New York City office in April.

Anomaly also drove away with the Mini Canada business early last month.

While the agency has been mum on personnel hires since its arrival, Rodriguez said there are now more than 30 people on staff. “As a result of this win and all of the momentum, we will continue to bring on more talent,” he said.

“We’re excited to partner with them,” said Allen. “We feel we can benefit from their energy, their insight and their breakthrough creative work. We feel they’ll be a great addition to the growing Bud Light brand in Canada.”

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