Chris Bruss named One Show Entertainment jury chair

April 24, 2012  |  Comments

Looking to develop its four-year-old branded entertainment awards program, the One Club has named Chris Bruss, vice-president of branded entertainment at, as jury chair for its One Show Entertainment Awards.

“It’s been a busy and exciting time for us all working in the ever-evolving field of creative advertising and an incredible year for branded entertainment,” said Bruss, in a statement.

“I’m very much looking forward to viewing and discussing the best in branded entertainment content that has been created over the past year.”

Bruss’ 26-member jury will judge branded content across film, television, music and gaming categories, among others. The winners will be announced June 13.

“From the surprising, novel and otherwise delightful fusion of advertising and entertainment, we’re thrilled to have such an illustrious and cross-disciplinary group of industry leaders serve as jurors to determine the best in all forms of branded entertainment content,” said Kevin Swanepoel, One Club president.

For more information on the show and other One Club award programs, or to see the full One Show Entertainment jury list, visit the website.

Marketing is the exclusive One Show Media partner in the Canada region.

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