Experiential agency Match acquires Action Marketing

May 03, 2012  |  Jeromy Lloyd  |  Comments

Match Marketing, a Toronto-based experiential and shopper marketing agency, has acquired Action Marketing for an undisclosed sum.

Action, a 30-person experiential and social media shop based in Boulder, Colo., has worked with brands such as Pepsi, Ford and Adidas.

“This move was based on rapidly expanding client needs,” said Perry Miele, chairman of Match Marketing Group. “Brands now need a wider range of resources and an integrated approach in these combined spaces.”

Miele is managing director at Beringer Capital, which helped fund the acquisition.

“We were looking to scale our offerings and participate in creating a larger network on behalf of the brands we work with,” said Robert Schuham, Action’s CEO. “Everything we do has to positively move the needle on sales. This partnership does exactly that.”

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