Holiday Cheer: Fisheye Corporation

December 20, 2011  |  Alicia Androich  |  Comments

The holidays are a time to show thanks, make personal and professional resolutions and—if the stars align—even manage to get inspired.

Throughout this month, Fisheye Corporation hosted different holiday activities in Toronto to do all of the above.

To kick off the month, the marketing agency held an event at which Paul Rosen, the famed sledge hockey goaltender and gold medalist from the 2006 Torino Paralympic Games, gave an inspiring talk about overcoming obstacles and achieving greatness.

A combination of 40 clients, friends and staff came out to hear Rosen talk about his accomplishments after having his right leg amputated above the knee in 1999.

“Going into the holidays, everyone starts thinking about their resolutions and, on the business side, we’re always working to figure out key goals for 2012 within the group and with our clients, and I thought this would be a great way to kick start that,” said Jo-Ann McArthur, chief strategist and partner at Fisheye.

On the night of the event, attendees completed the sentence “In 2012 I will…” on a large chalkboard (pictured). Rosen’s contribution, which he signed with his Team Canada jersey number, 57, read “Never give up.”

A new wellness program the agency is starting in January should help with any resolutions related to health. A fitness and wellness coach will check in with employees throughout the year to see if they’re on track and bonuses given to those who meet their goals. “We want everyone to stay happy and healthy all year long,” said McArthur.

Another recent holiday-themed treat for the staff involved a “lunch and dash” held in West Queen West. The tradition started last year, when staffers were each given an envelop full of $20 bills. They had an hour to spend the money and whatever they didn’t spend had to be given back. “I’ve been to a lot of Christmas parties over my career and I just thought, ‘Let’s make this a little more fun,’” said McArthur. Staffers picked up everything from sunglasses to jewelry (although, in an especially frugal case, one staffer could only bring herself to spend $25). There’s some true Christmas spirit!

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