Holiday Cheer from KBS+P

December 19, 2012  |  Comments

The end is coming! The staff at KBS+P in Montreal bunkered down to survive the looming Mayan Apocalypse last week. Even though some may have felt depressed by the predicted annihilation of all things, “We still have one week to spend together – only one,” said Mario Daigle, agency president, to his doomed staff. “So let’s celebrate like this would be the last time [we'd be together]. And don’t drink and drive, as we want to keep everyone alive for the ‘last week.’”

“Les Voûtes,” a reception room in the KBS+P office (that strangely already has a fallout-shelter feel) served as the hall for the party at the end of the world. Survival kits were distributed. Glasses were raised. Fate was spurned.

More photos are available, from this and other holiday parties, at Marketing’s Facebook page in our Holiday Cheer photo album.

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