Holiday Cheer: High Road

December 03, 2013  |  Russ Martin  |  Comments

Every epic holiday party comes with a caveat: an equally epic hangover the next day. And too often that hangover is paired with a morning meeting that not even a trough of coffee can save. This year High Road Communications came up with a solution called the Holiday Hangover Helper.

Using the online tool, scheming marketers can book fake appointments for the morning after their holiday soirées before anyone else has a chance. Simply select the date and time (we’d suggest a cushy 9:00 – 11:00, just to be safe) and string together buzzwords like “Strategic Market Planning” and “Big Data Processing” until you have a real-enough seeming meeting to block over-eager clients and coworkers from killing your post-party buzz.

The tool comes just in time for High Road’s annual holiday party next Thursday. We tried booking an interview with them the next morning to hear how it went, but they told us they have a “mandatory paid media amplification training.” Figures.

If you’d like us to share your party pics, Christmas videos or other holiday projects, e-mail our team.

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