Holiday Cheer: John St.

December 18, 2013  |  Jeromy Lloyd  |  Comments

Stock photography can stick out, depending on its relevance to your brand and, frankly, its composition. And the names… so literal.

Always looking to do what it can to help the industry, Toronto agency John St. has created a small collection of free stock photos called John St.ock that details the ins and outs of agency life.

“Since it’s the season of giving,” the agency says, “we’re helping you save on your ad budget with free custom-tailored stock photos to your exact descriptions.”

After An Idea Gets Killed

Explaining ACTRA

Tossing Around Ideas

Request your own “stock” photo at the project’s website.

If you’d like us to share your party pics, Christmas videos or other holiday projects, e-mail our team.

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