Jeff Rogers named president of Mosaic Canada

January 18, 2013  |  Pierre Lachaine  |  Comments

Jeff Rogers has been named president of Mosaic Canada.

Rogers, formerly Mosaic’s senior vice-president of experiential marketing for Canada, will direct the agency’s vision and take on a broader set of responsibilities – like an expanded human resources role – all while continuing to manage his current portfolio, which includes beverage clients such as Coca-cola across North America.

“I’m really proud and happy for Jeff,” said Aidan Tracey, president of Acosta Mosaic Group, which owns Mosaic. “He has been a critically important member of our organization for the last 17 years. He’s seen as a strategic leader by a lot of our clients. Jeff provides clear leadership to connect brands to consumers.”

Rogers’ promotion comes at a time of record growth for Mosaic, which was shortlisted as one of Marketing’s Agencies of the Year in 2012. Last year, Mosaic saw a 58% increase in revenue and a 28% increase in headcount, from 490 to 628 full-time Canadian employees, all thanks to a series of key acquisitions and new clients.

It acquired Consumer Impact Marketing, one of their biggest competitors, and Hunter Straker, a strategic planning, retail and promo marketing shop. Mosaic was also recently acquired itself, by Acosta Sales & Marketing, and now operates under Acosta’s marketing arm, AMG. (As a result of that move, Aidan Tracey, CEO of Mosaic, is now the president of AMG.)

The agency also landed a series of high profile new clients last year, most notably Target, NFL Canada, Motorola and WestJet. Tracey credits Rogers for playing a large part in those successes.

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