Lilydale goes old school for new TV spots

November 07, 2012  |  Martha Beach  |  Comments

Lilydale has teamed up with Rethink Toronto on two new television ads featuring a brand new spokesperson.

The new character’s message – and look – is black and white. Instead of wordy ads about the old days of Lilydale, the colourless pitchman is meant to represent history, according to Aaron Starkman, a partner and creative director at Rethink Toronto.

“We wanted to signal the company’s 1940s roots in a fresh and unexpected way,” Starkman said.

Rethink won the project after a review earlier this year.

“They clearly understand how to build a brand for long term impact,” said Kathy Whidden, vice-president of marketing at Sofina Foods, the company that owns the Lilydale brand. “Our first creative development experience with them has been a pure pleasure and the work is the proof.”

Previous Canadian Lilydale ads featured an over-enthusiastic and chatty chef. The new spokesman is a more humourous and visually distinctive character, which, Starkman said, is especially important in an age where many viewers can fast-forward through ads.

Two new video ads for the campaign start airing this week across English Canada. With moms as the target audience, the spots will air in three waves until March 2013.

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