MonkWilliams Advertising opens in Toronto

February 21, 2014  |  Vanessa Milne  |  Comments

New agency is working with Molson

Brad Monk and David Williams, both former DraftFCB executives, have partnered to start MonkWilliams Advertising in Toronto.

Brad Monk, left, and David Williams

They’re already working with Molson’s innovation group on packaging design and new brand projects, and plan to announce two more “top tier” clients within the month.

The duo developed an expertise in packaged goods, having originally met at DraftFCB, where Monk was vice-president and group creative director and Williams was VP, planner. Monk left in 2010 and Williams departed in 2011.

Williams is now partner and strategic planner in the new firm, and Monk is partner, creative director. The company soft-launched last summer, evolving out of Monk’s living room where the pair worked together on freelance projects. Now they have a “really cool office, like you’re supposed to,” in Toronto, Monk said. “My heart just isn’t in freelancing. I like being part of the bigger plan.”

Monk said the new company is unique because it’s nimble. “We’re not trying to sell anybody a TV plan or to say digital is your answer. We’re well-versed in all channels, we’ve done them all, and we connect with senior clients with ideas for whatever the problem is without a bias. The answer can be anything with us. There’s no agenda.”

The agency currently has four full-time staff and 10 contract employees. They like the flexibility of hiring people on contract, said Monk. “We’re really going out of our way to make sure that we’re always providing the dream team for our clients when it comes to execution.”

The pair plan to involve their clients in the creative process from the beginning, honing work together so there’s no “big reveal” by the agency at the end of weeks of work. “We can do that because senior people are in the room,” Monk says. “I think it’s an incredible relief for the clients.”

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