Moustache Mondays: Week 3

November 16, 2012  |  Comments

Now at the half-way mark, Movember has seen a different discussion of “organic growth” erupt in Marketing‘s office as two editorial staffers patiently wait for their faces to return to their formerly shaggy glory.

Entertained by encouraging videos from local and international performers, Russ Martin and Jeromy Lloyd have finally started to show some serious lip shade.

Lloyd, Marketing‘s online editor, is happy to see his moustache showing some definite form. However, while he started out aiming straight at a Selleck-style cookie duster, “I seem to have veered off towards ‘River Boat Gambler.’” Lloyd is undecided on whether to shave the slight curves out of his ‘stache, but he’s now firmly against the accidental soul patch he allowed to grow through negligence.

Jeromy Lloyd, online editor
Russ Martin, writer

Martin, a writer, was less than impressed when a friend referred to his current look as “a young John Waters.” While he’ll admit his moustache is sparse, he maintains it’s nowhere near as pencil-thin as Waters’.

He says he’ll spend the next two weeks clinging on to the Movember advice of actor Nick Offerman (Park’s and Recreation‘s Ron Swanson) that his mo will get fuller.

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Team Stachetag, of which Martin and Lloyd are members, is rocketing up the national Movember team rankings, climbing 33 places to 7,244rd, nationally.

If you’d like to donate to the Movember men’s health initiative, click here. Better still, if you’d like to grow your own ‘stache, click here.


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