Plastic Mobile honoured for diversity by Ontario government

February 19, 2014  |  Haaruun Dhubat  |  Comments

Toronto mobile marketing firm Plastic Mobile has been recognized as a diverse employer by the Ontario minister of citizenship and immigration.

“We don’t discriminate by background,” says Melody Adhami, Plastic Mobile president and COO. “We discriminate by skill.”

Plastic Mobile hosted Michael Coteau, the Ontario’s minister of citizenship and immigration, at the company’s Toronto’s office Wednesday, where Coteau announced new immigration legislation designed to help the province attract more high-skilled workers.

The company was selected to host the press conference because it has a culturally and ethnically diverse staff; 25% of Plastic Mobile’s employees comprise of newcomers.

“Having employees from other parts of the world provides perspective,” says Claudia Wong, communications coordinator at Plastic Mobile. “Leading innovation in the ever-evolving mobile space is no easy task and would not be possible without the diversity of education and global experience that newcomer employees bring.”

“Unique experience from overseas contribute to what we do here,” says Wong.

Plastic, which has offices in Toronto and New York, offers mobile strategy, design, development and marketing. Its client list includes Air Miles, ING Direct and Pizza Pizza.

After the press conference, Minister Coteau had the opportunity to tour Plastic Mobile’s innovation lab where new technologies are being prototyped.

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