Very temporary CD gigs promote Portfolio Night 11

April 17, 2013  |  Rebecca Harris  |  Comments

Portfolio Night is promoting its 11th annual event with a tongue-in-cheek campaign by 360i that recruits juniors to fill temporary creative director jobs.

Now in 24 cities globally, Portfolio Night gives young creatives the chance to get their work reviewed by high-profile creative directors. Run in a speeding-dating format, participants get feedback on a tightly timed schedule.

At, a spoof ad stars Portfolio Night founder Ignacio Oreamuno, “the international global worldwide head of headhunting at Ignacionale,” a creative recruitment firm.

In the spot, which features an hilariously outdated office, cheesy ’80s graphics and synthesizer background music, Oreamuno explains that on May 22, the best creative directors in the world will leave their jobs for three hours to attend Portfolio Night 11. He’s recruiting three-hour temporary workers to fill those vacant seats.

The site also features an “apply now” button. Those who click on it receive the message that due to overwhelming response, the recruitment firm is no longer able to applications. Oreamuno’s advice? Attend Portfolio Night 11 and meet those creative directors in person.

“It’s all done in good humour, but this morning I got all these applications for people who want to run the agencies,” said Oreamuno, who is now executive director of New York-based Art Directors Club (ADC). When he moved to his new position last May, Oreamuno brought Portfolio Night, ad industry hub and the Tomorrow Awards—all of which he founded—into the ADC fold.

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