Tourism New Brunswick tags T4G as new AOR of Tourism

September 26, 2012  |  Evra Taylor  |  Comments

Sometimes, long-term relationships do lead to marriage. After working on the Tourism New Brunswick account for eight years, T4G has been awarded a three-year contract as AOR for Tourism as part of the province’s newly rebranded Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Healthy Living.

The announcement follows a review process that began in February and culminated in the agency appointment three weeks ago.

Kathryn Tector, team lead, user experience and research at T4G, noted that in the past Tourism New Brunswick drew from four agencies, including LG2, which handled work for the Quebec market. T4G had been working on the technology and digital marketing end of the account.

T4G will work with Montreal’s Bleublancrouge and Moncton’s Hawk Marketing Services where appropriate.

Tector said along with the change in agency line-up, “there will be an evolution of the strategy. Our first process is to understand their segmentation model. They use the Explorer Quotient (EQ) with which we’re quite familiar,” she explained.

EQ looks at global data to determine the right communications choice. “New Brunswick has been working with this data for a few years and it’s at the core of pretty much everything they do, from product development through to their marketing efforts,” said Tector.

She noted that future campaigns will showcase the unexpected things New Brunswick has to offer.

Tourism New Brunswick is not currently running a media campaign.

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