Weekend Essentials

October 18, 2013  |  Comments

Here’s what we learned this week…

Canadians love Poo-Pourri

At least, they love the ad. After the homegrown product exploded south of the border, its first big marketing effort (which we loved) ranked as the most-watched ad on YouTube in Canada last month. This ad could have gone in any number of directions (given that the company makes SKUs called Poo-tonium and Crap Shooter, you can see how corny this could have gotten). Instead, they nailed it with a ‘sugar and spice with an edge’ vibe. Read More

Tims can’t win

One of our commenters, Jason, nailed it: “The golden paradox: Every[one] seems to dislike Tim’s ads. You do something different, and people say it’s not a Tim’s ad.” With a drastically different tone in its latest TV spot, Tim Hortons has certainly opened the criticism floodgates. What do you think of its latest work from JWT? Read More

Social Media is warping the purchase funnel

…or at least jumping down its throat to grab consumers faster. Cameron Wykes from KBS+ shows there are new tools available that redefine who is “shopping.” They don’t have to be in a store or even on a mobile site. Read More

Our industry is full of smart female entrepreneurs

Scanning the Profit/Chatelaine W100 list, there are no fewer than 14 owners, founders, presidents and visionaries running all kinds of businesses under marketing’s broad umbrella. Read More

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