Weekend Essentials – Jan. 31, 2014

January 31, 2014  |  Comments

Here’s what we learned this week…

Charitable campaigns are half-measures
So says Phillip Haid, co-founder of the Toronto-based cause agency Public. And while such a belief is squarely beneficial to Public’s business, the case Haid lays out in his Marketing column seems like one that should be discussed. Why not make charitable giving a 365-day proposition for a company? Why not weave not only your own charitable actions into the fabric of your brand work, but the charity of your consumers as well? Incentivize generosity and set yourself apart with good deeds as well as price and product? It’s worth discussing. Read More

Banff will steal your ski bookings
It’s a problem you may not have considered. All those brand fans praising your company on Twitter and Facebook are making themselves targets for competitors looking to steal market share. It’s yet another hazard in the increasingly social and public market that advertisers operate in. Banff is ambushing skiers and snowboards bound for other resorts with free weekend getaways. What’s the best response to such poaching? Read More

Everyone is interested in Starbucks’ peach tea
The small story we ran about Blossoming Peach Tea Latte – a new product with limited availability inspired by a Chinese product – was one of our most-read stories this week. The drink’s availability is timed to coincide with the Chinese New Year, and seems to have caught readers’ attention. The coffee chain has also released a Chinese New Year-themed gift card celebrating the new Year of the Horse. Read More

‘Of the Year’ winners know how to party
There was a great turn out at our Best of 2013 event, where we announced our Agency, Media Player and Marketer of the Year. Not only did we sell out our new venue, but our guests really proved they knew how to throw down mid-week (who says the age of Mad Men is dead?). It was great to see Duncan Fulton from Canadian Tire pouring champagne at the Spoke Club once we closed things down at 461 King West. And listening to North’s Justin Creally and Sid Lee’s Martin Gauthier pick up the Leafs/Habs rivalry was worth the price of admission.

Another big thanks to everyone who came out to fete our finalists and winners. And for more on who we chose and why, here’s the Morning Filter announcement from Thursday including links to our winner profiles.

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