Weisbrod arrives at SapientNitro

July 23, 2012  |  Alicia Androich  |  Comments

Scott Weisbrod has gone home, back to his core passion of customer experience strategy by stepping into the role of director of digital strategy at integrated marketing firm SapientNitro in Toronto.

Weisbrod, who left the vice-president of strategy role at Blast Radius, started at SapientNitro Monday and now leads the agency’s digital customer experience practice. He told Marketing that the crux of his new job involves “better integrating digital in the customer life cycle” to help brands attract new customers and better serve existing ones.

“Ultimately, the intent is to go deep, really get into the business of the brands we work with and identify opportunities for innovation and improvement in the customer experience across every channel,” Weisbrod said.

His primary client focus will be Harley-Davidson, but he added that the Toronto office also handles Jeep, Chrysler, Loblaws and Hyatt, among other brands.

Commenting on why he decided to move to SapientNitro, Weisbrod said he loves working with service-oriented brands and those that “depend on digital to sell directly to customers and provide customer service and support.” He also wanted to remain in Toronto and felt that SapientNitro “is working at a level [that is] heads above the rest of the best.”

Weisbrod had been with Blast Radius for roughly two years. Prior to that, he did stints at Critical Mass, Draftfcb and Modem Media.

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