Xylitol hires Agora in shares-for-service partnership

February 25, 2014  |  Haaruun Dhubat  |  Comments

Sweetener company to focus on investor relations marketing

Xylitol Canada, which markets natural sweetener, has announced it will issue shares of its company to investor relations and marketing firm Agora International Enterprises in exchange for marketing services.

Agora, now Xylitol’s awareness agency of record, specializes in online investor relations, conferences and branding services to North American small- and mid-cap public companies.

In the past, Xylitol’s branding and marketing campaigns have been consumer-related. This is its first investor relations-oriented marketing venture.

“As a growing publicly traded company, we felt the time was right to communicate our story more actively to investors throughout Canada,” says Andrew Reid, president and CEO of Xylitol Canada, in a release. “We are also pleased that the terms of the agreement align the interests of Xylitol Canada’s shareholders with those of [Agora] through their shares for service program.”

“Sales are growing exponentially,” says Matt Willer, vice-president of sales and marketing at Xylitol. “We thought it would be a good time to grow our investor relations base.”

Xylitol Canada will issue Agora a number of common shares worth a total value of $50,000 plus HST, payable in four installments beginning in March and every three months afterwards. The common shares will be issued at the end of each period. It will be determined by using its closing price on the TSX Venture Exchange on the first trading day following each period the advertising services were provided.

The one-year agreement allows Xylitol Canada the right to terminate the agreement at anytime after mid August.

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