Best of Decade Contender: Playland

June 01, 2010  |  Kristin Laird  |  Comments

To mark the end of the first decade of the 21st century, Marketing is looking to name the best Canadian advertising of the last 10 years. Up for the award are the Best of Show winners from the last 10 Marketing Awards shows. We’re be profiling each nominee in Marketing Daily, with the winner announced at the 2010 Marketing Awards, June 9. Be sure to cast your vote by visiting

“I believe the genesis of the work was from observing a human truth about their customer… Or in other words, from screaming barf-soaked teens,” says DDB Vancouver‘s creative director Dean Lee, of the campaign that won the agency Best of Show at the 2000 Marketing Awards for its work on the Playland account.

The multi-media effort, that included TV, magazine, newspaper, outdoor and radio, depicted individuals who are thrilled by what most would consider nerve-wracking situations like an airplane’s emergency descent for example. Each individual was identified as a Playland season pass holder.

“It’s a brand that sells fun, so naturally the work was fun as well,” says Lee.

Playland was an account that everyone in the agency wanted to work on, he says. “Whenever that assignment came in and ideas started being shared, there was an interest from the entire agency in seeing how the work would top what was done in the previous year.”

The Vancouver-based amusement park, which has often enjoyed a strong showing at the Marketing Awards, wasn’t afraid to stand out from the crowd. “They didn’t just agree to run daring creative, they came to expect it and value it.” While the agency has undergone a series of name changes over the years (the agency was known as Palmer Jarvis, DDB Vancouver at the time of the win) its focus has never changed, says Lee.

“When a client comes to us with a specific business problem and we can exceed their objectives with award- winning creative there is no better reward.” 

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