Meet Marketing’s 10 Marketer of the Year contenders

December 10, 2013  |  Jeromy Lloyd  |  Comments

Ten companies. Only one can be Marketer of the Year

Now that you’ve seen who’s on our three “off the year” shortlists, we thought it was time to show why we felt each company deserved a chance in the spotlight. Below are the 10 profiles of our Marketing of the Year contenders (which is also available in the newly-released Dec. 23 issue). Click, read, and share your thoughts on which company you think made the biggest impression on Canadian marketing in 2013.

SAAQ: A PSA needn’t be boring – or brutal
• Visa: Credit due for being sociable and thinking big about small purchases
• Walk Off The Earth: ART + INTERNET = COMMERCE
• Walmart: Winning the retail dog fight and Living Better
• Hudson’s Bay Company: Hudson’s Bay takes it upscale
• Rocky Mountaineer: A little luxury train that could
• Heart & Stroke Foundation: It’s not just super important. It’s so easy, even a zombie can do it
• Labatt Breweries: Making movies on location out here
• Canadian Tire Corporation: Tested for life in 2013 – and ready for it
Stanfield’s: Revealed itself by dominating digital

You can find out who will be named our Marketer of the Year on Jan. 29 at our Best of 2013 cocktail party. Want to attend? Lots of important people will be there. Visit us online for more information.

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