Cossette’s Modern Promo for Old-Timey Movies

March 07, 2013  |  Jeromy Lloyd  |  Comments

One might not expect a festival dedicated to film’s silent era to care much for newfangled media like them smartphones what’s so popular nowadays.

However, Cossette‘s Toronto office has used mobile technology and an Instagram account to promote the Toronto Silent Film Festival in a way that harkens back to times gone by.

“We wanted to create a sort of ‘trailer’ of our own, and thought this new and unique use of Instagram could bring the films to life and draw attention to the festival,” said Matt Litzinger, co-chief creative officer at Cossette, in a statement. “It feels appropriate to be using a technology like Instagram to promote the silent film technique, which in its day was every bit as ground-breaking and innovative as digital platforms are today.”

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