Absolut launches social-generated art project

August 14, 2013  |  Jeff Fraser  |  Comments

Absolut Vodka is putting a new spin on the user-generated content: fans will direct two artists to paint a wall mural to top the brand’s fan page starting at 6 p.m. Wednesday night.

The project gives artists Zaque Cheetham and Francis Pratt three hours to graffiti the wall of a warehouse basement, following fan suggestions delivered via the #ABSOLUTinspire hashtag on social media. The event will be live-streamed so fans can offer inspiration to the artists in real-time.

“The idea gives artists the opportunity to be an extension of the Absolut community,” said Isobar’s creative director Jamie King in a release. “It’s a fresh way of looking at how we collaborate together to shape our reality.”

The Absolut Inspire project was conceived by Isobar, a division of Aegis Media. It’s part of Absolut’s global “Transform Today” campaign, which plays up the brand’s long heritage of collaborating with artists and focuses on inspiring creative youth. As part of the campaign, the brand commissioned emerging artists to take over a block in Brooklyn in June, and is planning a similar project for later this summer in San Francisco.

The brand also recently revamped the package design on its flavoured vodkas with new artistic labels.

The Absolut social media team has hyped the event over the past few days on social media and digital channels. The action starts tonight (August 14th) at 6pm on Ustream.

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