Alt Hotels goes stylishly simple for new campaign

October 05, 2012  |  Russ Martin  |  Comments

Alt Hotels has released a new campaign to coincide with the opening of its new location near Toronto’s Pearson airport.

Created by Taxi Montreal, the campaign uses a minimalist design aesthetic to reflect the hotel’s “less is more” philosophy.

Alt Hotels, which are run by Group Germain, cut amenities like pools, concierges and mini-bars in favour of service and a sharp design aesthetic.

“We believe that being alternative means focusing on what’s essential,” said Groupe Germain CEO Christiane Germain. “It’s about offering striking design punctuated by eco-responsible choices at an affordable rate.”

Each of the ads features a single colour background and a single coloured text. Through simple, symbol-style drawings the ads convey one amenity Alt offers, and one it does not. One ad reads, “We do not have a pool. We do have a pool table.” Another reads, “We do not have a mini-bar. We do have a hip lounge.”

Taxi, which helped Alt develop its initial branding in 2007, also created a tagline for the campaign, “We do less,” which is followed by “Only the basic luxury.” Taxi Montreal executive creative director Dominique Trudeau said it was important to reflect the hotel’s minimalist mentality in its advertising, which is why he chose such a minimalist aesthetic.

Trudeau said they are different from other no-frills hotels, partially because they’ve maintained a modern, urban design. “The one chair you have in your room will be a designer chair,” he said.

The media buy, which was handled by Cossette, consists of print, web and out-of-home.

The ads will run on the National Post and Globe and Mail websites, as well as in print magazines such as Macleans, En Route, L’Actualite and les Affaires. It will be featured on billboards in Toronto this fall and in additional markets including Halifax, Montreal and Winnipeg next year.

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