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February 06, 2014  |  Comments

From Morning Filter (Feb. 6, 2014), Marketing‘s daily morning newsletter

10 retail trends to watch for this year
Big data, same-hour delivery and mobile stores are a just a few of the trends that could help shape the retail landscape in 2014. Doug Stephens, president and founder of Retail Prophet Consulting, examines the top 10 trends that every retailer should be aware of.
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More Washington Post scribes jumping ship to Vox
Three more Washington Post staffers are leaving the organization to join a new news site launched by former WaPo blogger Ezra Klein with backing from Vox Media. The news brings up questions being heard more and more around media circles today: Is online publishing the future and, if so, how will that shape journalism? And, you know, advertising opportunities.
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Hackers hit Sochi
Before the Olympics have even begun, a report is suggesting any person who uses the internet in Sochi is extremely susceptible to hacking. NBC News chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel tested the theory along with an American security expert and found both the laptop and smartphone he used were hacked almost immediately, spelling trouble for media and brands covering the Olympics live on the ground.
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