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February 10, 2014  |  Comments

From Morning Filter (Feb. 10, 2014), Marketing‘s daily morning newsletter

Marc Jacobs takes Instagrams and Tweets for payment
Visitors to the Marc Jacobs pop-up shop in New York were rewarded with free gifts in exchange for posts on social media. Perfume, necklaces and branded tote bags were up for grabs for consumers who showed cashiers their posts on Twitter and Instagram. The store also offered one of Jacobs’ coveted handbags for free per day for the best Instagram post.
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Network airs all-Lego ads
Over the weekend the U.K.-based network ITV aired a block of ads recreated using Lego as part of a stunt designed to promote the new Warner Bros. film The Lego Movie. The commercials were remakes of ads created by Premier Inn and and aired during the Sunday broadcast of Dancing on Ice. Characters from the film also appeared on screen between the ads, creating a further tie-in to the movie.
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Caribou Coffee made a five story tall Pinterest board
To promote its new Real Inspiration Blend, Caribou Coffee erected a five-storey tall Pinterest board in the Mall of America in Minneapolis. The giant board features two video screens designed to share content generated by consumers. The coffee brand also created a giant coffee cup mall visitors can pose in, asking them to share the photos on their social channels with the hashtag #Caribouinspires.
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