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February 11, 2014  |  Comments

From Morning Filter (Feb. 11, 2014), Marketing‘s daily morning newsletter

Anonymity – the latest thing in sharing
New apps like Secret and Whisper are flipping conventional wisdom about social media on its head, offering consumers the chance to share anonymously rather than create an avatar that reflects their persona. That’s not to say Facebook and Twitter’s share-everything approach will go away, though, according to Jason Stein, president of social media agency Laundry Service. “Saying that they could replace Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is like saying that people are going to start walking around with masks on all the time,” he said.
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Starbucks, meet Dumb Starbucks
A coffee shop in Los Angeles is hoping to escape the wrath of Starbucks legal team through the defense of satire. Dumb Starbucks opened last week with the exact look and feel of a Starbucks, except it’s added “Dumb” to the front of the logo and each of the menu items. Since opening, it’s attracted a line that wraps around the block and, of course, the attention of Starbucks itself. The company has said it is aware of the restaurant and is “looking into it.” That’s either legalese for “We’re about to sue the pants off them” or marketing-speak for, “Think our latest guerrilla stunt is working?
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Fox crosses out The X Factor
Simon Cowell now has one less outlet through which to be snippy – Fox has cancelled the U.S. version of The X Factor. The show lasted three seasons, but suffered low ratings and judge switches throughout its run—never a good sign for a competition show. Cowell will still appear on the U.K. version where he’ll no doubt continue to cast his unimpressed gaze.
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