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February 14, 2014  |  Comments

From Morning Filter (Feb. 14, 2014), Marketing‘s daily morning newsletter

Nothing says romance like co-viewing with your honey
Right in time for Valentine’s Day, a new U.S. survey by Strata shows that nearly 70% of married couples think watching TV together brings them closer. Some of the shows polled couples watch together include Big Bang Theory and Modern Family. Roughly a third of men polled say they control the remote, while roughly 15% of women said they called the shots when it comes to controlling the clicker.
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Instagram shares best brand content
As a guide to brands looking to market on Instagram, the Facebook-owned social network shared some of the best examples of brand marketing on the platform. Among the examples are Ben & Jerry’s, Nike, Patagonia, Chobani and Disneyland. Instagram also included several small businesses doing great work, including Mission Bicycle in San Francisco, which showcases its bikes in a very artistic manner.
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Are companies giving too much power to Amazon?
The answer is explored in a trend report by Andrew Elliot of WD Partners, an Ohio-based agency that focuses on the CPG and retail sector. Elliot asks readers to consider whether or not CPG companies are leaving traditional bricks and mortar (the very institutions that helped build their billion dollar businesses) out in the cold by partnering with Amazon. Users of Amazon’s grocery service, Amazon Fresh, now have the option to purchase CPG brands and can also choose how often they want them delivered. Elliot outlines three shifts worth watching in 2014 as it relates to Amazon and middle of the road retailers.
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