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October 11, 2013  |  Comments

From Morning Filter (Oct. 11, 2013), Marketing‘s daily morning newsletter

The fanciest McDonald’s food of all time
How would you like some slow-cooked McDonald’s beef with blueberry pomegranate sauce and Mac Fry gnocchi? It’s doubtful that combo will come to a McDonald’s near you anytime soon, but the quick-serve restaurant did serve that and some fancy other entrees (Kung Pao McNuggets anyone?) at a recent party in New York. Click through for more McBourgeois meals.
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Fake display ads are plaguing the internet
The boom in ad tech companies, including ad networks, exchanges and resellers, has also led to a boom in phony traffic, according to a new study from MdotLabs. The firm reports that fraudulent ad impressions account for 30% of all online traffic. As many brands and agencies turn to companies that digitally “optimize” ad buys, MdotLabs’ chief scientist said it has becomes harder to track their buys – a fact many companies in the ad tech business have taken advantage of.
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A&W bites into Rogers’ service woes
The marketing team at Rogers had its hands full with the social media rage that followed its service outage Wednesday night, including tweets not only from consumers but also other brands. A&W, for one, jumped on the trending topic and tweeted snarkily: #Rogers is down? I needed both hands to hold this Teen Burger anyway.”
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Toronto Public Library launches campaign for ebooks
Many consumers don’t know they can access ebooks and digital magazines from some of Canada’s largest library networks. To inform people of its digital catalogue, the Toronto Public Library has launched a new ad campaign that is already seeing huge results. Since it began promoting digital e-titles last month, borrowing rates have increased 100%.
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