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December 02, 2013  |  Comments

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Not three or four, but FIVE reasons men’s mags had a good 2013
We all know about growth in the number of dollars being put into digital as those in the magazine industry are figuring out how to adapt. Media Industry Newsletter looked at several U.S. men’s magazines and found ad pages across the men’s magazine category increased 13% compared with the last year. Here are five reasons why.
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Microsoft taps Pawn Stars to bash Google
Microsoft has enlisted the stars of the TV show Pawn Stars to talk down Google’s Chromebook in the brand’s latest content play. In a new online video styled like a Pawn Stars episode the pawn shop owners laugh at a woman who brings in a Chromebook to sell, telling her “When you’re not connected, it’s pretty much a brick.”
[Read more via the Wall Street Journal]

Samsung opens a R&D lab in Vancouver
Samsung is the latest brand to tap into Vancouver’s pool of engineering talent by opening a research and development centre in the city. The new lab will focus on developing enterprise security solutions and will also assists the company’s B2B customers with tech support. In total, 60 software engineers, designers and operations staff will be hired to work at the new facility.
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Tablet says surge at Walmart on Black Friday
While the internet was busy watching videos of fights breaking out at Walmart, the retailer was counting the cash it brought in from selling 1.4 million tablets on American Thanksgiving. The newly released Xbox One and Playstation 4 consoles were also amongst the retailer’s best-selling items, as were towels – Walmart sold 2.8 million of them Thursday.
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