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December 20, 2013  |  Comments

From Morning Filter (Dec. 20, 2013), Marketing‘s daily morning newsletter

2013′s top 10 second-screen mobile efforts
This was a big year for second-screen efforts, and this top 10 list by Mobile Marketer is a compilation of the U.S. campaigns that stood out in 2013. From making the ABC show Scandal shoppable via an app to a National Geographic Channel campaign that changed in real-time and prompted viewers to tune into a President Lincoln documentary, this list illustrates the powerful possibilities of second-screen initiatives.
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Need advice on fashion, parenting, furniture shopping or gardening? It’s a Cinch.
Klout launched a free Q&A app in Canada called Cinch that provides advice from influencers on an an array of topics. The iOS app launched in the U.S. last September.
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Shazam rolls out its always-on, auto-tagging feature for iPhone
The updated app called Auto Shazam looks for matches to song, ads and television shows. The app will collect data from throughout the day and shuts off when it appears the phone’s battery is running out of juice. Information matches are stored in playlists organized by date.
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