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January 10, 2014  |  Comments

From Morning Filter (Jan. 10, 2014), Marketing‘s daily morning newsletter

No, that wasn’t poo rain coming fro Leo Burnett’s ceiling
The pipes recently broke at Leo Burnett Chicago, causing a brown liquid to spray from the ceiling, giving the illusion… well, that it was raining poo. After art director Kasey Moore uploaded an Instagram video of the damage, captioning it a “poo eruption,” the agency went on the defensive, promising that it was just dust and water. Sounds reasonable, but we’re still holding out on our suspicion this is all a stunt for a new toilet paper client.
[Read more via the Daily Dot]

Marks & Spencer shifts towards social
One of Britain’s most beloved retailer, Marks & Spencer, plans to integrate social media into more of its advertising to boost engagement and drive users to a new e-commerce platform that’s scheduled to launch this spring. M&S started shifting towards social with its fall and Christmas campaigns, with great results.
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New Zealand PSA stops time to remind drivers to slow down
This must-watch ad from New Zealand shows what might happen if time could freeze right before a car accident and the two drivers could get out of their vehicles and talk. It’s one of several high-quality ads taking on road safety that have recently been released, including this ad from San Francisco that encourages consumers to paint their thumb nail red to remind them not to text while driving.
[Watch via YouTube]

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