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January 24, 2014  |  Comments

From Morning Filter (Jan. 24, 2014), Marketing‘s daily morning newsletter

Target Canada faces low inventory problems
Consumers have complained about the lack of stock at Target’s Canadian stores for some time, but the retailer had previously stated the low inventory was the result of high demand. Now a report from Belus Capital Advisors suggests the stocking woes are a sign of “fundamental problems” for Target Canada. “One almost is overcome with this creepy feeling … that Target will go the way of many U.S. brands that ventured into Canadian retailing … extinct,” the report reads.
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China leads the way in ecommerce / social commerce
On China’s largest online shopping day in 2013 (a holiday called Singles Day), consumers dropped $5.75 billion on just one site – the mammoth shopping portal Alibaba. Compared to Western countries, China’s e-commerce culture is much further developed, with the average purchaser between 25 and 40 years old. The culture of online shopping has been propelled by both China’s appetite for social media and its high number of “single children” with high purchasing power.
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Advertisers prefer iOS users
The Android operating system has come a long way, even overtaking Apple’s iOS operating system in market share, but advertisers still prefer iOS users. According to Opera CEO Mahi de Silva, iOS users are more profitable than Android users, as they are more likely to click “download” or make another online transaction, use their apps more frequently, and are generally of a higher income bracket than consumers who use Android phones.
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