Barbie My Dreams mimics mommy’s social media

February 12, 2014  |  Michelle DiPardo  |  Comments

Mattel Canada reaches out to girls with new web platform

Mattel Canada has launched Barbie My Dreams, a free online interactive platform that mimics adult social networking sites and allows mothers and daughters to interact with the brand in a secure environment.

Developed by TrojanOne, Barbie My Dreams is being supported by a campaign of the same name that launched last week. Elements include broadcast promos and segments on various shows airing on Corus channels, along with TV tags, online ads, and social media promotion.

TrojanOne also collaborated with PR firm GCI on developing a “mommy blogger” campaign. Carat handed media planning for the campaign.

According to Imran Choudhry, vice-president of consumer engagement at TrojanOne, young girls are outgrowing Barbie earlier, and the site gives older kids the chance to emulate their mom’s social networking habits while keeping the Barbie brand in the forefront.

“We’re trying to freshen the brand up a little bit, make it cool and more relevant for that older audience,” Choudhry said. “Obviously social platforms are not an area that kids can be in, but we wanted to provide a safe environment where they can do similar things that mom is doing. Every little girl dreams of being grown-up, so this is really an opportunity for girls to emulate what mom is already doing because really mom is the hero.”

After signing up for an account, members can “heart” their favourite Barbie items, check out what Barbie and her friends love, and create their own DreamBoards (a feature inspired by Pinterest). The site also offers users the chance to win monthly prizes, play games and follow Barbie and her friends.

Users cannot post their own images to the site, making it a “safe environment where parents can feel comfortable” Choudhry said, and content will be updated weekly.

So far the site, which went live on Feb. 4, is only available to Canadian users, but depending on its success, TrojanOne and Mattel Canada may work with global teams to bring it worldwide in the future.

The “Barbie My Dreams” campaign launched last week and will run for a year.

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