Bier Markt launches a beautiful campaign

February 27, 2013  |  Russ Martin  |  Comments

Toronto’s Bier Markt has released its first campaign since selecting Open as its agency of record in October 2012.

Launched in full last week, the campaign includes transit ads, out-of-home and in-store signage that feature the restaurant’s new brand platform and tagline, “Bier is Beautiful.” The tagline, featured in bold capital letters on new billboards advertising Bier Markt’s Don Mills location, is intended to celebrate beer culture, which is central to the Bier Markt brand.

“It’s about elevating and celebrating beer in all of its intricacies and nuances,” said Open partner Christian Mathieu. “It’s not just about the liquid, but everything around the liquid from food pairings to what they call ‘the guided journey,’ which is coaching you through the beer selection.”

Both Mathieu and his partner at Open, Martin Beauvais, have a long history of working with beer brands, including several Molson brands during their time at Zig. Beauvais also worked on the Labatt account as executive creative director of BBDO Montreal.

When Open landed the Bier Markt account the company wanted to increase the perceived sophistication of the brand. Bier Markt tasked the agency with elevating the brand’s perception to be more in-line with its dining experience, which includes a lengthy beer list and a staff trained to explain each beverage to customers.

“Bier Markt is in the same space of wine in terms of the level sophistication and that’s what we’re trying to drive with ‘Bier is Beautiful,’” said Mathieu.

The tagline will be used in all of Bier Markt’s future promotions, including an autumn campaign that will coincide with Oktoberfest.

Wills & Co. handled the media buy for the campaign.

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