Boston Pizza takes Quebec rival into the boards

January 18, 2013  |  Caroline Fortin  |  Comments

Boston Pizza has dropped the gloves. To get Quebec hockey fans into its locations for the NHL’s first broadcast of the season – taking a poke at a restaurant rival while it does so - the restaurant chain is offering free wings when the Habs are on ice.

Created by Zip Communication, the TV spot announcing the promotion shows spokesperson Louis Morissette and a Boston Pizza ‘’manager’’ watching hockey at the bar.

Manager: Louis, chicken wings are free at Boston Pizza from January 19th until the 27th.
Louis: Do [the Canadiens] have to score five goals?
Manager: No.
Louis: Four?
Manager: No.
Louis: Do they have to… win?
Manager: No.
Louis: Whoa.

This is a direct shot at rival La Cage aux Sports and its long-time, famous promo: when the Habs scores 5 goals, fans get 8 free chicken wings.

‘’The lockout has created a disengagement from some fans and we wanted to celebrate hockey with a generous offer and put the emphasis on our wings, unrivalled in the Quebec market,’’ said Carl Pichette, Boston Pizza’s Quebec’s marketing director, in a release.

The spot will launch Saturday, as many Quebecers will be watching the Leafs lose to the Habs.

Editor’s Note: We apologize for Caroline Fortin’s lapse in journalistic rigour. The fact of the matter is that the Leafs will defeat the Habs. Soundly.

Update: See!

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