Canada Goose gets the Sports Illustrated cover treatment

February 14, 2013  |  Trevor Melanson for Canadian Business  |  Comments

Now, personally, I leave my swimming trunks at home when the weather’s cold, but then I don’t imagine I could pull off this paradoxical combo as well as model Kate Upton, who rocks nothing more than a Canada Goose jacket and bikini bottom as Sports Illustrated’s latest swimsuit edition cover girl.

The new issue hits stands this week. Only the edge of Canada Goose’s logo is visible, but the design of the jacket, which includes the Toronto-based clothier’s signature fur trim, should make the brand obvious to anyone already familiar with it. Which should be quite a few folks; despite our warming climate, the jacket maker’s winter coats have been growing in popularity both down south and abroad. This fantastic bit of product placement should only help matters—and it didn’t cost the company a dime.

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