Canada’s Most Influential Brands: Ipsos Reid

January 28, 2014  |  Wing Sze Tang  |  Comments

In Ipsos Reid’s annual “Most Influential Brands” survey, Google reigns again

Tech giants continue to rule in the hearts and minds of Canadians, claiming the top four spots in Ipsos Reid’s latest ranking of the most influential brands in the country. Google placed #1 for the second year.

The online survey, conducted in December 2013, gauged the sentiments of 5,000 respondents on the key characteristics driving real influence: presence, trustworthiness, “leading edge”-ness, engagement and corporate citizenship. “Actually, brand influence is very hard to come by for anybody,” Steve Levy, COO of Ipsos Reid told Marketing. “It really is a rare commodity.”

That may be why there was modest shuffling within the upper echelon—most of the top 10 players were in the top 10 last year. But there are a few brands on a steady rise, including Tim Hortons (now #6, up from #15 in 2011) and MasterCard (#10, up from #16 in 2011). Here’s a look at the top 10.

| 1 |
Previous rank: 1
53% say it’s part of our everyday language

| 2 |
Previous rank: 4
44% say it’s had an impact on the way they interact with people

| 3 |

Previous rank: 2
50% say it has a strong future

| 4 |
Previous rank: 3
41% say consumers want to hear from the brand

| 5 |
Previous rank: 6
55% say they see it everywhere

| 6 |
Tim Hortons
Previous rank: 8
24% say they identify with the brand

| 7 |
Previous rank: 7
27% say it’s really important in the world today

| 8 |
President’s Choice
Previous rank: 14
27% say it has encouraged them to make smarter/better choices

| 9 |
Previous rank: 5
41% say it understands consumers’ needs

| 10 |
Previous rank: 11
27% say it shapes consumer behaviour

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