Canadian Tire expands ‘Team Photo’ on Super Bowl weekend

February 03, 2014  |  Chris Powell  |  Comments

It might have been football’s biggest day, but Canadian Tire was thinking hockey on Sunday.

As part of its “Team Photo Project” initiative first unveiled during the world junior hockey championships, Marketing’s 2013 Marketer of the Year aired two tributes to the people who have contributed to the career of Canadian Olympic hockey star Jonathan Toews

Toronto agency Cleansheet Communications created the two 30-second spots, “Ode to Carpoolers” and “Ode to coaches,” which aired during Sunday’s Super Bowl telecast.

The carpooler spot opens on a close-up of a man appearing to drive a car, as the voiceover states: “We are the trusty deliverers to rinks unknown, skilled navigators of drive-thrus, masters of 20 questions and conductors of backseat concerts.”

As the camera slowly pulls back to reveal more carpoolers, we see the man is actually resting his hand on a tire, with the people surrounding him also holding car-related items such as tires and snow shovels. The camera pulls back to reveal a group of people flanking Toews, all arranged in the shape of a Maple Leaf. All of the 300 people involved in the project are real people from Winnipeg who contributed to the two-time Stanley Cup winner’s hockey dream.

The “Team Photo Project” is comprised of five TV ads, complemented by digital ads, print, out-of-home ads (including subway domination), in-store materials and the Canadian Tire flyer.

A dedicated website also features a series of 13 “digi-docs” featuring the real story of some of the people featured in the ads. The social component includes Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Canadian Tire will begin airing two other TV spots, “Ode to crowd igniters” and “Ode to rink builders,” on Feb. 15. In addition, a section on the hub enables visitors to create their own “ode” and send it to the people who have inspired them.

The “We All Play for Canada” initiative is committed to getting kids and families more active. Research touted by Canadian Tire found that 90% of kids are not getting the recommended amount of daily activity.

The initiative launched in August, following Canadian Tire’s announcement of an eight-year sponsorship agreement with the Canadian Olympic Committee, as well as partnerships with six other sport organizations including the Canadian Soccer Association and Hockey Canada.

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