Coors Light shares Valentine’s love on Facebook

February 14, 2013  |  Alicia Androich  |  Comments

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like a cheeky card that admits the sender is looking to get lucky.

As part of a Valentine’s Day execution for Coors Light, the beer brand created several e-cards aimed at its millennial target market. The cards – which include sentiments like “Consider this a 3AM call, in card form” and “Thinking of you, and your stupid girlfriend you should totally dump” – are available to be shared on Coors Light’s Facebook page and are being promoted through Facebook’s “sponsored stories.”

Another part of the execution, which was created by Molson Coors Canada’s social media team and DraftFCB, shows a little love to the fans that interact most with the brand on Facebook. The company chose the 10 people that participated most with content on the page – whether through likes, comments or sharing content – in the second half of 2012 and penned personalized Valentine’s Day poems for them.

One poem, written for a devoted fan named Jonie, starts off “Jonie, sweet Jonie, You’re the ice to our zamboni.”

Adam Moffat, director of digital and social media at Molson Coors Canada, said the poems are being posted as status updates to the Coors Light Facebook page.

The goal is to build an even stronger personal connection with those top engagers, said Moffat.

Overall, the execution is Coors Light’s way of “returning the love our fans give to us in a timely, on brand way,” he said.

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